The Problem

Located right in Knoxville, Tennessee, The Health Factory prides itself with educating and encouraging the community to have and maintain a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. One component The Health Factory is skilled in is Chiropractic Care. Offering chiropractic exams and treatments plans, they help get to the root of symptoms in a non-invasive and gentle way. Currently The Health Factory has a strong, specific fan-base, but reaching more potential customers has become a main concern; word-of-mouth can only go so far.


Our Solution 

Knowing that The Health Factory has a tight, potential target market, we went headfirst into boosting their website and social media presence. Developing monthly social media calendars that cater to their specific events that month, we are able to interact with current and potential Knoxville residents by giving them informative information and facts about the company. This marketing approach enables an authentic, relevant factor that is beneficial boosting awareness to any company.  We know engagement is also a key factor for growth; therefore, we we will persistently continue to do just that across media platforms until we build The Health Factory into a strong, known brand across Knoxville.