The Second Mile Podcast

Welcome to The Second Mile- a podcast by two best friend business owners where we get real about the ins and outs of running a business together. Co-hosts Hannah Collins Lee and Jess Vossler dive into what they’ve learned along the way and enlist the advice of some guests who are going the second mile in their own lives as well.


Episode 1: how we got here

“Sometimes you just have to stop Googling and start.” Hannah and Jess recount the past three years of Second Mile Marketing- from branding the business (RIP Frosted Lemonade) to how they solve problems today.

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A teaser for what’s to come on The Second Mile. The Second Mile is just like getting coffee with two best friend business owners who give you the gritty truth about being in business, staying best friends, and how they and others go the second mile in their lives.