The Problem

Carter Sport Therapy is all about helping people live life to their fullest potential. They offer a variety of techniques to aid muscle soreness and tension, so you can be in charge of the way you take on your life! They are dubbed the real pain killers of the Knoxville area and want to help you get back on track to what you are most passionate about. However, in order to do that, they need to be able to reach you and tell you about their services! That’s where we came in to help them get their message out to the Knoxville community.


Our Solution

Our solution to reach more people in the Knoxville area was to create a branding and marketing strategy that focused on fostering Carter Sport Therapy’s social media influence and website development. We worked to provide informational and creative social media and website content that reflected what Carter Sport Therapy stands for. For this brand, we wanted to emphasize the tight-knit unit they represent and how passionate they are about helping others help themselves. We created a more cohesive brand that effectively communicated the goals and services of this business and were excited to see its following engage more often and grow.