The Problem

Created by a group of friends, who just so happened to be health and nutrition experts, Fittest Kitchen provides nutritious, easy, and macro-friendly recipes that nourish the body and mind, fuel performance, and bring people around the table. Fittest Kitchen currently has an inner circle of dedicated fans; however, with their recipes, personalized macro-breakdown, and one-on-one nutrition coaches, we know they can expand to a greater audience. With all the competition though, Fittest Kitchen is having a hard standing out from the crowd and being that go-to recipe site. They need help not only connecting to more users across social media platforms, but also portraying their credible and reputable status effectively. 

Our Solution

In order to progress Fittest Kitchen in the right direction, we have transformed their website’s design and layout into a more user-friendly, contemporary one. With swift transitions, deep green accents, and vivid photography, we represented Fittest Kitchen as a fresh, wholesome, and welcoming company. In addition, we also have spiced up their social media account on Instagram and Facebook. Creating a media calendar each month, we make it our mission to post high-quality testimonials, macro-facts, and recipes at least three times a week. Consistency is imperative in order to gain the right followers. That being said, we also focus on engagement with our current followers and potential ones regularly to gain that brand awareness wholly. Although, it goes beyond liking and commenting; it requires us to put our Fittest Kitchen shoes on and analyze what works, what doesn’t, and dive in deeper.