Episode #1: How We Got Here

In the beginning…

In this very first episode Second Mile Marketing co-founders Hannah Collins Lee and Jess Vossler take it all the way back to the beginning of launching their business together.

In this episode you’ll learn a little bit about the co-founders, how they work together, and what it’s like to conquer your fears and dive into launching your own business. Head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts to like, subscribe, and leave The Second Mile a review!

Show Notes:

After introductions, the ladies unpack:

🎙4:35 Why They Started A Business

🎙9:20 What Second Mile Marketing Is

🎙11:36 How They Named The Biz

🎙15:30 Balancing Relationships & Results

🎙17:16 Opening Day of Second Mile Marketing

🎙22:33 Where They Are Now

🎙27:00 What Keeps The Gals Goin’

🎙34:10 Defining Their Second Mile

🎙36:58 Topics To Come: Marketing Tips, Interviews, & Passion Projects

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Just for Fun:

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Image 2: Frosted Lemonade brand concept

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