Episode #3 : Creating a Successful Human-Centered Business with Guest Morgan J. Lopes

How Can You Improve Your Business Culture?

“There is a way of business that is proven to make money but is that something that is inspiring.” In Episode 3, Hannah and Jess sit down with Morgan J. Lopes to pick his brain on what makes a successful human-centered business. We will discuss Morgan’s helpful tips in order to dial in on prioritizing business relationships, as well as ways you can handle your changing business.   

As the founder and CEO of multiple companies, Morgan shares how to align and balance your personal growth to drive your business vehicle. Tune in to find out how you can pave your own path for success. 

Show Notes:

After introductions, the ladies share on:

🎙2:37 Morgan Lopes: Journey to Business Owner

🎙5:44 Getting the Entrepreneurial Ball Rolling 

🎙9:55 Creating an Entrepreneurial Spirit

🎙11:45 Being a Human-Centered Business

🎙16:45 Balancing the Intersection of Empathy and Efficiency 

🎙21:36 Refusing to Settle for Your Defaults

🎙26:43 Creating Alignment with Your Business Partner 

🎙32:26 Handling a Changing Business 

🎙36:27 Prioritizing and Protecting Relationships 

🎙38:42 Morgan’s Tips For Starting a Web Development Company 

🎙41:48 Living Out The Second Mile: Morgan’s Perception

🎙45:05 Sacrifices You Make for Fundamental Success 

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