Episode #4: Establishing a Company Culture That Works

How can you create company culture?

“A great culture outlives leadership.” In Episode 4, Hannah and Jess unfold the truth behind what makes a successful company culture. They discuss the highs and lows any organization may face in the journey of cultivating structural values.

As Co-founders, Hannah and Jess enlighten us on how you can measure cultural success and ways to establish it. Tune in to find out how you can implement values that morph and highlight your business DNA.  

Show Notes:

After introductions, the ladies share on:

🎙2:35 The Importance of Workplace Culture 

🎙4:50 Structuring Culture for Productivity

🎙7:12 Prioritizing Employee Fulfillment 

🎙8:54 How to Embody Culture

🎙10:45 Dialing Into Your Company’s Values

🎙14:32 Creating a Legacy

🎙16:16 Defining Culture: Humble, Hungry, and People Smart

🎙20:05 Implementing Values in the Hiring Process

🎙25:43 Measuring Cultural Success

🎙28:16 Scaling Talent for a Growing Business

🎙33:19 Advice for Establishing Culture

🎙37:31 Picking Values that Highlight Strengths

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