Episode #2: Having a Co-founder Isn't Such a Bad Idea After All

Nearly 70% of businesses fail due to co-founder conflict*.

“The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your relationships” In Episode 2, Hannah and Jess dive into the highs and lows of their roles as being the Co-founders of Second Mile Marketing. By generating a unique business energy, these ladies know what it takes to sacrifice and balance in order to create a successful partnership.

In this episode, these Co-founders elaborate on the everlasting effect this business adventure has had on them with advice to help you navigate a business partnership.

After introductions, the ladies share on:

🎙2:25 What Makes Them Have a Successful Partnership 

🎙5:26 Developing a Business DNA

🎙8:45 The How and The Wow of Partnership

🎙12:24 Becoming a Team of Self-Reflection

🎙14:02 Morphing to Create a Business Energy

🎙16:32 Decision-Making Out of Trust 

🎙20:15 Taking a Deeper Dive into Personal Growth 

🎙21:54 Hardest Parts of Having a Co-founder

🎙27:10 Advice for Wanting to Build a Partnership 

🎙30:57 Tips for Making Your Partnership Grow  

🎙44:54 How This Partnerships has Developed Their Personal Lives

Hannah and Jess’s favorite business resources discussed for personal growth & success →

🌟Dr. Jim Bailey “Guiding You to Work that Fits” 

🌟“How The Enneagram Can Change Me” No One Told Me Podcast 

🌟Enneagram Assessment The Road Back to You 

🌟It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work by Basecamp 

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*The Founder’s Dilemma

Hannah Collins