Episode #5 Balancing Health with Crissy Glarrow

How can you focus on personal wellness in the midst of all the busyness?

“Make health a priority and see it as a win.” In Episode 5, Hannah and Jess sit down with South Landing Crossfit Owner, Crissy Glarrow to pause and reflect on encouraging yourself to be authentic in life’s toughest seasons. 

As a business owner and new mom, Crissy unravels how she runs a successful business and prioritizes her health. Tune in to find out how you can promote your physical and mental well-being. 

After introductions, the ladies collaborate on:

🎙1:56 How Crissy Planted The Seeds For South Landing Crossfit 

🎙7:23 Never Underestimating Small Beginnings

🎙8:21 Feeding Into Personal Relationships

🎙10:55 Giving Time To The Business 

🎙12:58 Parenthood As A Business Owner

🎙15:15 Focusing on Your Health Through Seasons

🎙17:23 Taking Care of Your Health Is Selfless

🎙19:48 Turning On & Off In Workplace

🎙21:02 Pitfalls Of Being Career-Minded

🎙22:41 Having Realistic & Healthy Expectations

🎙25:04 3 Tips for Balancing Your Health and Career

🎙28:34 Creating and Celebrating A Community Culture 

🎙30:25 Creating a Safe Place Of Encouragement 

🎙32:01 Instilling Company Culture In Your Staff

🎙36:31 Reflections On Starting A Career In Health Industry

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