The Problem

CrossFit in general is known as a high-intensity fitness program incorporating a variety of elements seen in sports and exercises. Crossfit Rhema is a branch of this company located in Knoxville, Tennessee that values community, passion, and a healthy lifestyle. Being positioned remotely in Knoxville, Crossfit Rhema struggles to reach this specific, niche market. Connecting with worldwide Crossfitters is not the issue, it’s gaining that awareness and membership in the surrounding community that they’re wrestling with.  


Our Solution

We put a lot of focus on making Crossfit Rhema known to be family-friendly and versatile due to the fact many people usually view this type of fitness as boring, intimidating, or too intense. Using a branding and marketing strategy consisting of social media planning and engagement, as well as website development, we are helping this company attract Knoxville community members. Creating Instagram and Facebook posts frequently, we have been effective and efficient in growing their followers and network. We like to keep their vision of a healthy lifestyle alive, but with a more adaptable, relatable approach.