4 Times You Should Say “Yes”, When You Want to Say No

Saying “Yes” to opportunities, that surprise or scare you, can break you out of your comfort zone and open doors you would never expect. We’ve talked to four small business owners who said “yes”, not knowing the outcome but it totally paid off. Check out these four times people said yes, when they wanted to say no!


1. When you don’t feel qualified.

Founder of Grace and Tori: Kathy Perez, calls her children’s clothing company, “A thoughtful collection of hand made signature pieces for little ladies.” As far as mission statements, that one grabs the attention of any doting parent but also gives you a little insight into this family owned company. After making accessories privately for a couple of years, Kathy decided to take a leap into apparel design.

She was hesitant at first but finally said ‘Yes’! She jumped into apparel design and launched her small business. Kathy’s ‘Yes,’ even when she felt under-qualified, paid off in a huge way.  Now she has a steady clientele and is planning to expand her brand further with a new line of athleisure clothing.


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2. When it seems intimidating.

Marcos Perez was hard at work at Charisma Media’s Book Division as the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. He was truly killing the game. During a company revamp, Marcos caught the higher-ups attention as they looked for someone new, young, and ready for a challenge. Marcos took the promotion, jumped in to lead the whole department and even restructured the division.

Marcos was super intimidated about taking the promotion because he felt that he was too young, he was inexperienced in the field, and he was unsure he could meet the demands of the position. After much thought, he graciously accepted and said ‘Yes!’ Even though he was intimidated and knew that it would require a lot more work on his part; he was ready for the challenge!

3. When it seems wild.

The Orlando lifestyle account, “Igers Orlando,” reached out to Stephen of the Stephen B Photography after seeing one of his recent shoots. Igers Orlando was so impressed with Stephen’s work, that they wanted to feature him for a bi-weekly takeover. Takeover Tuesday is essentially a showcase where Igers Orlando features highly talented photographers from Orlando. Fourteen thousand people would be seeing his photos and he’d have a great platform to showcase his work: which was a wild yet incredible opportunity.

Of course, after much contemplation, Stephen said “YES.” As a result, he has experienced a huge surge in his social media following. So saying ‘Yes,’ might have seemed wild in the moment and he knew it was a big responsibility, but he jumped at the chance and now he’s reaping the benefits.

4. When your passions won’t allow you to say no.

Rebekah Haddock  started her music career singing in her home church and started cultivating her talent with vocal lessons. She’s felt God gave her a voice to be used for His glory. After a few years, she branched out and started participating in open mic nights at different restaurants. Because of the crowd she brought in with her incredible music style and vocal capabilities, she gained a lot of support and local venues started regularly putting her on a schedule. This passion of hers was now becoming her job and she loved every second of it!

After taking the leap and saying ‘Yes,’ to a couple small restaurant shows, she’s now singing in a Disney park restaurant and has even teamed up with Mick Grocholl to form the duo, Little Giant. She was also recently signed with Fernando Varela, a Latin artist who’s crossed into the business world and started his own label. One ‘Yes,’ could truly change your life.


Although new ventures can be intimidating; if you don’t take risks, you’ll never grow. So say “Yes!” next time you have a new opportunity arise, even if it seems crazy.


Written by Rebekah Gonzalez