Design Trends of Home Offices in 2017

2017 has been the year for mobile and remote businesses. Running a business from home is a new luxury that is not only well respected, but practical as well. Every home office is different and reflects its owner completely, but we have found four common office designs that we feel are the most beneficial and pleasing to the eye while also being practical and attainable with one’s unique style and spin.


This is a more simple home office concept and trend. It is a great use of space and to do your work with little distraction. Although it is primarily black and white, it provides a blank canvas and keeps things in order.Adding a fun element, such as the round chair, can offer a new thinking space or retreat to allow the mind to explore new ideas. This space is super functional for almost anyone who wants to come in, focus and get work done.


The most common trend with home offices seems to be the modern bedroom-turned-office. Not only is this example functional and clean, there is also enough space for two to three people to work together and collaborate. This style and setup works well for business meetings with clients and coworkers. This modern and open concept provides more storage space for organization. Even small touches such as the cork board add to the functionality with a place for new ideas or even project to-do lists.


This unique space, boasts a more homey and rustic vibe compared to the others. The vintage desks, chairs and large chalkboard add to the design and really bring the look together. Inspiration can easily be found in a space with such rustic and warm tones as this. Depending on the client base, this space could play a huge role in collaboration with niche markets. This office provides a creative and productive atmosphere for anyone who works in it.


This office is obviously geared toward someone with an artistic passion, but it’s an amazing work space for anyone who works best with a little distraction. The open area is functional and wrought with new avenues to explore. This is vital in a work space for people who may experience creative or writer’s block often. Whether it’s art, costume design or digital design, this is a great environment for someone who’s creative and have the ability to artistically express themselves in their work.


Written by Rebekah Gonzalez

Hannah Collins