Listen Up! Our Podcast Trailer is Released

The Second Mile Podcast


Three years have unfolded since two best friends put passion to paper & opened the doors to their digital marketing agency in the heart of South Knoxville. Since 2016, Jess Vossler and Hannah Collins Lee have embodied the entrepreneurial spirit, expanding their vision into a thriving, growing business - Second Mile Marketing. 

From their commencement clients until today, these two business owners have woven the highs and lows of a start-up into a culture of pursuing both relationships & results. In light of their colorful narrative as best friend business owners, Jess and Hannah have sat down to share their experience through their very own podcast, “The Second Mile.” 

The podcast is appropriately recorded in the kitchen of Jess Vossler’s own home, offering the audience a seat at the table as these two boss babes discuss the tricks of the trade. Easily listen to the podcast on your device and tune in to hear Jess and Hannah talk about where they’ve been, and where they’re headed on “The Second Mile.”

Hannah Collins