How to Market like Ben Barry


Movies showcase some of the coolest professions. Whether it’s photojournalism, news anchoring, or in this case Advertising. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is one of the best Romantic Comedies of all time. Not only did it feature an amazing cast including; Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey; it gave an insider look into the agency world. If you don't remember, Ben Barry (McConaughey) is an Advertising Executive who’s been tasked to build a marketing campaign for a famous jeweler, De Lauer Diamonds.

Although the movie is about two people playing the love game and truly falling for each other; this theatrical masterpiece also showcases what many Advertising and Marketing Executives go through when pitching a new item. Take a deeper look at Ben Barry’s 4-step marketing process.


Do Research.

Learn everything you can about the product. Learn everything possible about that industry. You want to be able to confidently tell your client that you know what it is you’re selling but also that you’re going to be passionate about their brand and really give 100%.


Figure Out Your Sales Demographic.

There are riches to be found in every niche. One of the quickest ways you can do this is by putting together research groups with variables like: gender, age, ethnic background, etc. You can then record the reactions from those groups to see what appeals to each one. In the movie, McConaughey knows he’s targeting his advertisement pitch towards women. Particularly women in love. His campaign was geared towards successful women in flourishing relationships, looking for a beautiful diamond to show off how special they are. 


Create a Tagline.

Although a tag line might seem cheesy, you have to create something that will stick with people, something extremely memorable and short worded. In the movie, Barry decides “Frost Yourself” is the perfect tagline. Men wanted to show off by frosting their ladies and women wanted to be frosted. It was the perfect union.

You may have heard of  some popular brands that are killing the tagline game:

nike just do it.png

Nike: “Just Do It,” short and sweet and to the point. It’s even more memorable because it shows or evokes action from the common customer.

Another company that has a memorable tagline is Dunkin Donuts. Not only do they have some incredible coffee, their tagline is one of the most memorable; America Runs On Dunkin. Each commercial is relatable and ends with that statement and the graphic of the stick figure running. ICONIC

Run the Pitch.

In the movie, McConaughey’s character runs the pitch for the De Lauer’s, gets to participate in brand development and also the commercial production. He impressed the client with his knowledge of diamonds, his extensive understanding of the targeted demographic and his extremely memorable tagline. Barry hit every step of his marketing process and knows there are riches in the niches.

While a few things have changed since this hit rom-com premiered in 2003 (think about a life sans iphone and Snapchat), the baseline marketing process remains intact. 


Written By Rebekah Gonzalez

Hannah Collins