A Chat with Our Social Media Strategist

We'd like you to meet one of our Marketing Strategists, Sam Hotchkiss. Not only is she gorgeous and insanely talented, she also just recently graduated Christopher Newport College. After finishing up college, she'll be working with Second Mile but she's set to go on The World Race later on this year. Here's what we learned in our interview-


What brought you into marketing?

My passion for people and just being able to constantly change in our day and age and we’re constantly able to do different things and interact with new and different people all the time.


What do you feel that SMM brings to the table that most other marketing companies don’t really?

I think their ability to be flexible and work with any client they like, also the passion  that we have as a group of people and the ability we have to pitch to clients and the flexibility of it.


What are some of your passions?

I love to travel, I love experiencing new things. I'm really passionate about planning events, I love that and plan on going into event planning later on. I'm passionate about people and making relationships that last with people whether business or for fun.

What are your biggest dreams?

I would love to work in a big event planning company like Nashville or something. I’d like to visit every country in the world, like just to step my foot there. Maybe be the next person to one day visit every country on our beautiful planet.


Biggest Inspiration?

I think just like business women in general because they can balance a full time job as well as a family. Especially with technology, the odds are against women and we still overcome them so it's cool to know that I can achieve the same things too.


Favorite music to keep you motivated while you work?

Christian music, for sure. Ed Sheeran is definitely a favorite. I really like Hillsong, Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt, and Coldplay.

We're super thankful to have Sam as a part of our team and love her passion and tenacity.  


Interview conducted by Rebekah Gonzalez

Hannah Collins