A Chat with Our Creative Director of Operations

Jess Vossler is one of the brilliant minds behind Second Mile Marketing! Not only is she beautiful, she’s one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to marketing, coding, and teaching people those things. We took some time to interview her so check it out :)

 What made you and Hannah start Second Mile Marketing?

We essentially both were at points in our careers when we realized that we have a unique set of skills and there’s a lot of opportunities for us to help small businesses and we stumbled on the opportunity to start a business. We had talked about it before but we just decided to jump right in and go for it. It’s definitely been a lot of innovating and growing. We also both had been working marketing jobs that didn’t align with our values and we wanted to work with people that we saw potential in to grow but also aligned with our core values so we began SMM to achieve that. We’re super excited going forward and love what we do.


 What got you into Marketing?

My undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts so I’m super interested in design, and I got lucky enough to play a fifth year of lax at JU and they had a great business administration program that allowed me to use my passion for design as well as learn how businesses are usually run, with a focus on marketing and I loved it.

How do you feel that SMM stands out the most?

At SMM, we’re small on purpose so we have a small team but we provide an amazing service to clients and strive for excellence with each one. We are all about helping people and love going the second mile ;).

What are your biggest ambitions?

My biggest ambition would be to provide platforms where I can help people realize their greatest potential, however that looks. Also work hard and love people along the way, that’s my motto.

Where do you see SMM going in the future?

It is our goal for SMM to continue to grow and innovate while providing high-quality relationship based results in business.

Favorite marketing campaigns?

Under Armour had a really kick ass gymnastics video for the last Olympics and it was super raw and authentic emotion and that’s important in marketing now. Also, the Fearless Girl campaign that took place on Wall Street. Super innovative use of high-level art and high user generated content.

 Some of your major inspirations?

I’m a huge proponent of constantly continuing your education and making sure to always learn from new outlets or opportunities. I’m also really inspired by other individuals that are super passionate about things, no matter what they are. I also really get inspired, as a former athlete, being active and constantly keeping myself active and healthy. It’s a great outlet for me and I know it is for a lot of others.

Favorite music to keep you motivated while you work?

I like all music! I am a big proponent of Spotify and listening to friends and coworkers playlist on there. In terms of creating content or getting in the zone, I listen to instrumental movie soundtracks. That’s when I work the best and have the most focus.

Hannah Collins