Giving Back this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the busiest beach holidays of the year. Similar to Fourth of July, everyone wears their flag themed clothes and takes the day to bask in all things American. Yet, Memorial Day is for remembering all the people who have given their lives to make sure that we can live ours safely. It’s easy to lose sight of that because we’re busy celebrating the day off to spend with our families but we should spend some of our day giving thanks to those who are over seas so that we can live in the home of the free and the brave. Here are our favorite businesses who have chosen to give back to the this Memorial Day

Tenacity Jeans is a company that we work with and have gotten to see just how many ways they give back.  All USA made jeans for active females! Not only are they a sibling run company, sisters to be exact, they also love to showcase the colors from our nation’s flag: Red, White, and Blue.

 Park Ave CD’s is a popular record store in Orlando Florida and for this Memorial Day, they’re having a Buy-One-Get-One Deal in honor of those serving. For those record lovers, send some love and appreciation to those Veterans that you know or those you might encounter on this fine holiday.

 Perkin’s Restaurants had a special this holiday weekend, breakfasts were free Magnificent Seven Breakfast for those with military ID or Proof of Service. Many restaurants are doing deals similar to this so it’s all about giving back to those who have served or are currently.

Another business giving back this Memorial Day is the Crayola Experience in Orlando. They offered free admission for active and retired military members. So to all those Vets who brought their kids out and had an amazing day creating and exploring the Crayola Experience, we hope you enjoyed!

 his Memorial Day was certainly one for the books with all the beautiful parties and memories made but don’t forget to thank our servicemen and women for all they do; not only on memorial day but every chance we can. We’d like to thank all the Veterans and people currently serving for all they do. We are constantly praying for you and hope you come home to your families very soon.


By Rebekah Gonzalez

Hannah Collins