The ABCs of Cow Appreciation Day

How to Knock the Spots Off Cow Appreciation Day

Chick-fil-A effortlessly intertwines humor and excellent food into their reputable marketing scheme. Our favorite quick service restaurant brand annually SPOT-lights these two traits during Cow Appreciation Day. Every year, customers appear in droves to showcase their bovine-themed costumes and enjoy a free entree for creative participation. On the local level, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture audience attention and to create lasting connections on social media channels.

Here are our ABCs to making Cow Appreciation Day a breeze on your social platforms!

Cow costume how-to

Cow costume how-to

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

The trajectory of your event is highly dependent on the degree to which you communicate your event. Allocate a good chunk of energy towards spreading the word to followers through Instagram stories, Facebook events, and in-store interactions. Post ideas for customers and simple how-to guides to engage your audience. Most importantly, make sure your guests know where to find you on social media so they can share their special day with you. Your social media handles should be visible on POP or restaurant materials and easy to find online.

Be Prepared

Cow Appreciation Day is a phenomenal opportunity to delight costumers. There are a lot of MOOV-ing pieces to the day, so having a strategic approach to your social media is key. Have a social media consent form ready, grab pictures of Team Members early before the crowds roll in, and be on the lookout for some remarkable costumes! You’ll have your hands full logistically, so take the pressure off and schedule time to grab content, be present with guests and the team, and plan on posting a recap of the day either later that night or the following day when things settle down.

Woman dressed in cow-suit with Chik-fil-A cup

Woman dressed in cow-suit with Chik-fil-A cup

Capitalize on Content

The best way to stand out on Cow Appreciation Day is to tell a story with your content. Recap stellar costumes and key aspects of the day.

Key Content Tips:

  • No more than four people in a photo

  • Switch up the type of content- Boomerangs, photos, videos, etc.

  • Update Instagram and Facebook stories with a variety of content. Like any good story, make sure there’s a beginning, middle, and end to your story content

Some storytelling ideas:

  • Baby’s first CAD

  • Customer who drove the furthest

  • Most creative costume

When you search your accounts for User Generated Content be sure to cover all your bases - look through Facebook check-In’s, tagged photos, and tagged locations of your individual store. Always ask permission and give credit when reposting UGC.

Little girl wearing cow costume

Little girl wearing cow costume

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to DELIGHT. Delight guests with a fantastic experience and sharing their creativity online, delight your Team Members by having a strategy ahead of time so you can lend a helping hand in the restaurant, and delight your social media audience with some wonderful content that is sure to bring a smile to their feeds!

Have a question about social media at your restaurant? Want to delight guests online every day of the year? Send us a message!

Hannah Collins