Pop Culture's Marketing Trends

When it comes to marketing a new item, pop culture continues to give customers their best campaigns yet! Keeping them interactive and current is what gets people's attention but making them exclusive and personable is what keeps people so intrigued. Here are some marketing campaigns that we've seen throughout music and movies that grabbed their listeners or viewers attention and kept it!


Movies that have done an amazing job with their marketing campaigns:


For the blockbuster, Don't Breathe, Social Media stars were invited to a viewing party in downtown Los Angeles and after watching the film, found out that they had been trapped in the home and had to figure a way out.

Although there were hidden cameras in every room; Acacia Brinley was one of the stars who documented the entire thing on Snapchat and showed the journey these young people went through and how they used the movie as inspiration in their escape tactics. VERY INTERACTIVE marketing campaign for the movie and it was super intriguing to watch.

The Blair Witch Project was a film originally released in 1999. After the trailer came out, the film gained mass media attention because people truly believed these “young film students” actually went missing and all that was discovered was their cameras. The actors went as far as to share their real names for the characters and were in hiding for the year the film was being released and even a year after. They weren’t doing any of the usual public appearances that came along with new movies to really create the illusion that this was a completely true story.

The secrecy that went into this movies marketing campaign was immaculate, not to mention this was before the internet could “debunk,” everything about it. A year before the movie was released, the films PR team released a website that was dedicated to backup the claims that the movie had made about the Witch and was referred to any time they were asked whether it was based on a true story. To further the illusion of the characters having never been found, their IMDB pages said, “missing, presumed dead.”

As you can see, their marketing campaigns was so insanely thought out to really give the viewers the sense these things happened and ticket sales were through the roof when the film premiered.




Music artists have so many ways to promote their new albums and singles, so we have compiled some of our favorite marketing campaigns in the music industry:

The most recent trend in music is giving people very little notice when releasing new music, a single or an entire album. Although you would think listeners would want more notice, they tend to thrive on the spontaneity of it. Recent artists who have done this include Beyonce, Drake, Blackbear, Katy Perry and many others depending on what genre of music grabs your ear.

One of the biggest and most recognized over night album releases was Beyonce’s self titled album in 2013.

beyonce album2013.jpg

She chose not to do any promotional photos or interviews, but fans quickly fell in love when they woke up to an entire new album of music. Beyonce took it a step further and made it one of the first ever completely visual albums, meaning there was a music video with each of the 14 songs. Because of the unanticipated surprise, it was one of the most talked about albums of the year and is still praised by fans today.

Blackbear, another current artist, releases songs or EP’s quite frequently. Any of his fans who view his Snapchat or Instagram stories know that he is constantly working on new music and is always trying something wild and crazy. In recent months, any time he's excited about a new song that he’s put together, he will release snippets of it and very soon after, release it entirely or even release a new EP.

Blackbear’s strategy of allowing his fans be a part of the music creation process opens an opportunity for fans to build a relationship and sense of trust with the artist. His open communication and interaction makes him successful in marketing new music.


Written by Rebekah Gonzalez