Second Mile Marketing Goes to Inbound

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A few weeks ago, our trusted members of the Second Mile Marketing team-- Jess, Dan, and Taylor-- traveled up to Boston, MA for Hubspot’s Inbound 2019. In case you don’t know what exactly Inbound is, it’s a 4-day marketing conference that consists of influential speakers, jam-packed panels full of inspiring CEOs, celebrities, and a whole lot of information and tips on how to better yourself or your company’s brand. After digesting everything we learned, we wanted to share each of our top two takeaways from Inbound:

This is what Jess, our Co-Founder and Director of Digital Marketing, has to say about networking and email marketing:

The Unmentioned Benefits of Being a HubSpot Preferred Partner

“Second Mile Marketing became a HubSpot Preferred Partner right before InBound 2019. At the conference this year, I realized that access to other agency owners in the partnership was extremely beneficial. I had the chance to meet with 2 agency owners and we discussed some high-level growth strategies and got some insights on their experience in the HubSpot Partner Program. These connections and networking opportunities are extremely important to the continued success of Second Mile Marketing. Make sure you get out there and network when you're at conferences!”

Email Marketing: The More You Send the Better

“This one is COMPLETELY counterintuitive to everything I've been taught. In a session led by Jay Schwedelson of Worldata, he dissected 20 tips for optimized email marketing in 2019. The biggest shocker was that sending more leads to better results. Open rates will rise as you send at least 5 emails per month. So send away, my email marketers.

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Dan, our Digital Marketing Coordinator and go-to guy for all of our content creation, has some takeaways on stopping the inner critic in your head and how to capture and engage customers:

Stop Criticizing, Start Collaborating 

“We are our biggest critics and in our work, there can be a little voice in our heads that tells us that the content we are producing isn’t creative. Creative collaboration with your co-workers is an opportunity to combat that voice. Denise Jacobs explained that when we are brainstorming with our co-workers or anyone, a couple of things must be present:

1) Be present

2) Pay attention

3) Relax your own agenda

What do all of these three tips have in common? Listening with humility. Listening to others is a fantastic way to spark more creativity in your dialog and yourself.”

Turn Your Fans into Customers, and Your Customers into Fans

“In business, we all have customers and fans of either a product or service. What  David Meerman Scott, author of “Fanocrocy”, stated in his Inbound 2019 breakout session was that you must turn your fans into customers and your customers into fans. Why? Customers buy and fans give referrals and if you have them both your business will flourish. How? Shared emotions are the biggest ways to create this process of conversion. The closer you get to someone, the more powerful the shared emotion.”

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Last but not least, another one of our trusted Digital Marketing Coordinators, Taylor, has some insight on creating engaging content and the power of online community:

Keep Content Consumer-Focused!

“In her engaging and exciting presentation, Ashely Faus discussed the importance of creating content that is more like a playground, rather than a funnel. Building a playground allows the consumer to enter and exit as they desire, they can go in any order, and they can engage with the content in the "wrong way." By doing this, the content is now consumer-focused, which is much more likely to have positive results! According to Ashley, the tenets of building a playground include: delighting your audience, building a relationship and influencing the consumer at every touchpoint. Focusing on the consumer's needs, wants and desires put emphasis on relationship, which will result in not only a positive experience leading to a transaction but a loyal customer who is eager to return.”

“Marketing is no longer about grabbing attention. It’s all about holding it. Today’s best marketers understand: Marketing isn't about who arrive, it's about who stays.” -Jay Acunzo

The Power of Online Community (Especially Facebook)

“Relationships with other people are one of the most essential human being needs. Knowing this, our marketing strategies should be geared towards developing, sustaining and delighting the relationships with our online audience. In her session, "The Future of Facebook," Mari Smith mentioned that Facebook will be making big changes to emphasize their greatest strength: online community. With this knowledge in hand, we need to be making moves that generate conversations in the online communities where we have or are seeking, established relationships. This can be done by highlighting our client's community heroes, staying involved in the conversation about local updates, etc.”

"The primary thing that people do on Facebook is they use it to share with their friends and the people around them and their community." -Mark Zuckerberg

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Our team had the incredible opportunity to learn new skills, network, and be inspired by the amazing speakers and panelists at Inbound. We hope you enjoyed our takeaways, and maybe even learned something you didn’t already know!

Hannah Collins