World Emoji Day 🤘🏼😍⚡️

When Words Aren’t Enough

August 17th, World Emoji Day. The Japanese introduced the digital world to this pictogram language in 1999 and the realm of online chatter has never been the same. The degree to which the emoticon has evolved in our palms parallels the diversification of it’s uses across our screens.

The most popular emojis in 2019 are


There were originally 176 emoticons, now we have access to over 3,000 images.

Essential to any form of communication is the channel in which you distribute your message - and in 2019 emojis continue to play a major role as an effective, creative channel. From email tactics to everyday practice - there are plenty of ways to enjoy emojis!

Emojis & Email

A massive motivation within email marketing is the drive to engage readers. Emojis are in instant way to individualize your email content & connect with your audience. A 2019 report by Experian found that fifty-six percent of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate. 😮

Not only are you conserving space in your subject lines with emojis, but you’re also standing out among a competitive inbox.

Emojis & Social Media

There is hot debate upon whether the implementation of emojis dampens the perception of your credibility. Within every communication choice, we always suggest researching your target audience and tailoring your message according to your appropriate demographic. Otherwise, the facts speak for themselves. Author Charli Day for social media brand Agora Pulse found that in 2019:

  • 92% of internet users use emojis 💪🏼

  • 25-29 year olds use the most emojis 😅

  • Emojis on Instagram increase engagement by 48% ⚡️

So whether you’re gathering the crew for 🌮 night or advertising a 🔥HOT SUMMER SALE 🔥for clients, you may want to consider using emojis to break up text, increase engagement, or communicate with your audience online! Celebrate World Emoji Day with us, and express yourself with the thousands of images at your fingertips.

Emojis not doing the trick with your email open rates or Instagram engagement? Don’t be afraid to get in touch and see how Second Mile Marketing can make your digital marketing strategy 💪🏽

Hannah Collins