Student Intern Applications Are Open!

Calling All Interns!

The infamous intern identity is often an assumed, necessary evil during college. While vocational experience is crucial in the midst of college coursework, we are passionate about closing the gap between the classroom and the career. Here at Second Mile Marketing, we pride ourselves on relationships & results and the same holds true for our internships.


Our internship program allows you to develop skills in whichever interest area is unique to you. From graphic design, social media strategy, or public relations - we provide tangible experience beneficial to each unique student.

As a boutique agency, we remain a massive asset for local students eager to gain a taste for both local Knoxville cliental and national brands. For someone who joins the intern team at Second Mile Marketing, you participate in an active role toward crushing our goals. Everything from creating memes to copywriting for our clients, we’d love to walk beside you as you dip your toes into the realm of Digital Marketing.


intern smm 1.jpg
intern smm.jpg

So glad you asked. We are accepting applications for both year-long and fall semester internships. In your application, we’d love to see:

  • 2 sample Chick-fil-A meme social media posts you’ve created. (Content must be original and you consent to Second Mile Marketing using this content)

  • Interview Video answering the following questions :

    • Give us some background info on who you are.

    • Give us an example of a small-to-medium sized business that you think markets themselves particularly well on social media? Who’s doing an outstanding job out there? And why?

    • Share an example of a time great social media marketing caught your attention and turned you into a customer.

    • Why should you join the Second Mile Marketing team? Give us an example of how you embody one of our core values: humble, hungry, and people smart.

Please send your memes, video interview, and a resume to

The deadline is August 1st, 2019 for both internship opportunities. Get to it!

Hannah Collins