Interns Wanted!

The search for a foolproof way to ensure business success has been going on for decades, and we have finally found the answer. Interns.

Interns are a crucial part of Second Mile’s success, and we need more of them!

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Whether you’re into making memes, modeling Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits, or coming up with creative solutions, we would love to hear from you.


Our semester internships are unpaid, and year-long internships include a semester stipend. As a Second Mile Marketing intern, you can leave with tangible experience in the following: Account Management, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analysis, Paid Social Media Strategy, Project Management, Public Relations, and Entrepreneurship.


Working with a small team of other interns, you will form a type of mini agency that will work on all sorts of projects. Have a fun idea for a new business practice, team outing, or solution for a client? Here at SMM the best idea wins, so be prepared to speak up and think creatively.


Here’s what some of our past and present interns have to say about our internship program:

“Second Mile is made up of empowering people who believe in finding meaningful and creative solutions for their clients. I have found myself being hit in the face with chicken nuggets, dancing with a houseplant, and taking a midday break to meditate, yet somehow I have also managed to gain so much valuable knowledge about this industry and its best practices. I will be sad to leave this place and these people, but I will feel more prepared to go out into the real world when I do!” - Catie Jaffe

“As an intern, I learned a lot about the ins and outs of a small startup agency. SMM did a wonderful job of curating my intern experience so that it matched with my skill sets while also pushing me to learn new things within the industry. This small and supportive team was too good to let go of, so I stuck around for the real deal! Now, as an SMM employee, I get to work with this awesome group of marketing gurus daily. Not to mention, all the laughs and fun we share too!” - Katy Hill

“This internship helped me grow in areas that I hadn't had much experience in yet, and because it is a smaller company, interns get to help with a little bit of everything! I learned so much about social media marketing, content scheduling, solid client relationships, graphic design, and more. I really enjoyed the work environment and getting to know everyone. I'm very thankful for the Second Mile team and all they have done for me!” - Madison Duncan

“My internship at Second Mile Marketing has given me the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience in multiple areas of the marketing profession. Whether its working with clients face-to-face, designing a new website, or driving to the nearest Chick-fil-a for a fun content shoot, every day at Second Mile is different, educational, and fun. I have learned so much and met some amazing people along the way.” - Clare Jolly

“Throughout my time as a digital marketing intern at Second Mile Marketing, I have gained real-world experience alongside an amazing team of interns and marketing professionals. This internship has allowed me to grow, learn, and develop as a professional and further my passion for this industry, and for that, I am forever grateful for this experience.” - Rachel Bish


So send in that application, show us who you are and why you want to work with us, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Our applications are open NOW through April 5th!

Hannah Collins