Staying Healthy while Hustlin'

One thing that is of the utmost importance to us here at Second Mile Marketing is personal health and growth. We aren’t saying we all only eat vegetables and run 10 miles every day (although we wish we could), but we are saying that a middle-of-the-day meditation break is commonplace here.

For this reason, March is one of our favorite months. If you’re not following, March is National Nutrition Month, so we decided now is a perfectly fitting time to share with you some of our own as well as some of our health-forward clients’ tips and tricks to staying healthy and maintaining a great work-life balance.

  1. Meal-prepping should be your best friend. Save time, save money, and have a more wholesome meal every day by pre-planning what you will have. If you don’t have time or feel overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your lunches for an entire week, consider a meal-prep subscription service (@simonhallprivatechef) or just preparing the next day’s lunch the night before.

  2. When it comes to the office, we are all about having snacks on deck for when you start to slow down, but try to keep these snacks low in processed sugar! This is an easy way to ensure your snack is fueling you in the right way. Consider fruits that are easy to keep around, almonds, some granola bars (such as RX bars or Lara bars), or maybe greek yogurt if you have an office fridge.

  3. Take some time, too, for mental health. Headspace is an app that has five-minute guided meditation sessions. Consider doing this alone or with some friends at the office - we promise five minutes for you mind will increase productivity in the long run, even if it feels odd to take that time out of the work day in the moment.

  4. When you aren’t at work, you can still take steps to keep your mind and body right. Consider going on a walk with a friend rather than a dinner out! We love treating ourselves to a nice meal, but a walk is the perfect FREE way to spend time catching up with someone, enjoying the fresh air, and getting some exercise.

So this month when the work day feels long and all you want to do is take a nap, take a quick Headspace break instead. When you are craving a cookie mid-day, grab a granola bar and keep grinding. And, when you think about how much you have to do, think about many crazy cool things you and everyone else is this world have already done!

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Hannah Collins