Email Isn't Dead


In our world of social media, it’s easy to push away all other forms of advertising and marketing. Social media has changed the game, right? Right. But it doesn’t have to be the only player in the game.

Ask yourself this question - how do you receive deals and newsletters from your favorite brands? You likely have an email address, or two or three, that you use when interacting with different brands.This is why stores and online brands are always asking you to give them your email address.

We all are constantly exposed to our inboxes. In fact, 88% of smartphone users actively check their email on mobile. (Constant Contact) Email is more accessible than ever - it’s right in the palm of our hand!

All of this to say- email isn’t dead and it’s certainly not going anywhere.

Now, let’s put ourselves back in the marketer’s shoes. What makes an email so irresistible our audience opens it every time? It’s time we embrace the fact that email continues to prove itself as an effective and powerful form of marketing communication.

We have compiled a list of things that we have learned over time that we believe make a difference and answer your questions when it comes to email specifics.

What makes an email irresistible?

Creating a truly irresistible email takes time and a lot of trial and error, so don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed while reading this. Also keep in mind that every brand is different. What works for one brand’s email may not work for another brand. Again, perfecting your email strategy always comes down to testing and adjusting.

Frequency is Key

We have learned that less is more. When we decreased the amount of emails we sent, we noticed an increase in open rates. Generally, audiences don’t want to want to be overwhelmed by messaging from a single brand. Keep it simple, direct and exclusive.

Winning Subject Lines

The subject line is your first point of contact with a reader - first impressions matter! Explain what is in the email highlighting attractive or timely words such as “free” or “weekly.”  Again, we see that less is more when it comes to the subject line as well. Keeping mobile in mind, most subject lines on mobile devices will only display 4-7 words. (Contact Monkey) After testing this, we have noticed that subject lines in the 3-4 word range have received the most engagement.

Delight and Surprise

If you are to remember one thing from this, remember to keep it real. Humans want to interact with humans, so tone is extremely important while writing an email. Be intentional and find a little a humor in your copy. Along with a conversational tone, remember to treat your reader! Let’s be honest, free things keep people around and encourage continued engagement with your brand. This also allows your readers to feel as if they are a part of an exclusive club. We all want a little special treatment right?

Learn and Adjust

Take the above insights and begin testing when it comes to your email strategy. The beauty of email is that it can be tailored in a way that is unique to your brand. It’s important to run A/B testing to try different subject lines or templates. To track what works and what doesn’t, it is vital to run reports and analyze the data. From this gathered information, you will be able to craft an email like a true expert!

Need help testing out your email strategy? If you can’t tell, we happen to love email strategy! Reach out to us at to learn more about our email services.