Copywriting Killed the Social Media Star

Gone are the days of simply posting with generic captions. Why? Because social media is noisy--full of content, traffic and trolls. If you want your brand to capture the consumer’s attention, proper social media copywriting is paramount.

Don’t feel too stressed. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when crafting your next post to have it stand out among the rest.

Word Count

Keep it short. While it seems like you can have unlimited characters on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, that doesn’t mean you need to caption your post with a verbose monologue about your brand. In this fast paced, multitasking environment, most audiences just don’t have the time. We want the highlights. We want the facts. We don’t want a lengthy description of your product or what you ate for lunch and how it made you feel--that is a guaranteed way to have your post get lost in the online clutter.

As a general rule of thumb here are the ideal character counts for social media platforms

Facebook: 40-80 characters

Instagram: 138-150 characters

Twitter: 71-100 characters

Source: Sprout Social


Hashtags are powerful tools when used properly. They help expose your content to a broader audience, keep your content stored in a centralized location and allow you to interact with users. However, with great power comes great responsibility so please hashtag and post responsibly. #StopUsingHashtagsAsAFullSentence.

Keep those tags short, sweet, to the point and on brand. We recommend one or two hashtags MAX in your copy. Hashtags on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are perfect for participating in a larger conversation whereas Facebook’s hashtagging seems to lag behind. If you’re going to take advantages of the power of hashtags on a platform such as Instagram, be sure to do it in a separate comment and make sure that comment is long enough to collapse. You can use up to 20 hashtags per post- be strategic and leverage the most visibility by keying into some popular hashtags for easy discovery. 



As someone creating social content it’s helpful, and even, dare we say, necessary to keep up with social media trends. Look to some brands within your industry who are doing social media well, be a general consumer and student of social media and see what types of content seem to be popping up regularly. There’s always some new trend that tends to take over the feed- tap into it and see if, first and foremost, that style of content works for your brand. If it does, posting within content trends keeps your feed relevant and helps you resonate better with your audience.

For example: as of this post (it’ll likely be old news by tomorrow) the whole “me when I ___ versus me when I ____” content is very popular right now. If it works for your brand then run with it! Social copywriting is all about being flexible and adaptable- the same formulas won’t work every time and can make your content feel stale. The key, as with any trend, is to know when it’s dead and gone. If it was working in October chances are it’s old news by May so be mindful. Prime example: we’re pretty tired of are the “That feeling when…” captions. Stop trying to make fetch work and get some new content.

Overall, remember that a picture says a thousand words and a video a million more. Focus first and foremost on creating some amazing content then top it off with concise copywriting to bring that much more value to your audience's feed. 

Hannah Collins