Equal Pay Day

What is Equal Pay Day?

Equal Pay Day represents how far into the next year a woman would have to work to earn a man’s wages—this year, it falls on April 10th, a little over three months into the new year!  Women are typically compensated 80 cents to the man’s dollar, and that number has been stuck under a glass ceiling of testosterone and failed legislation for decades.


What It Means to Us

At Second Mile Marketing, we are comprised entirely of women.  [Sort of—we do have one male intern who will be leaving us in a month :( ]  Regardless, this issue is personal to each and every one of us, and has inspired us to actively object the gender pay gap.  We focus on skills, experience and personality when making hiring/compensation decisions.  Furthermore, we practice a company culture of inclusiveness by encouraging open discussions about common issues in the workplace.  As a startup, it is important to us to learn from the mistakes of other companies, especially regarding the pay gap.  We strive to build our company’s foundation in stone, not sand, so we strive to value our employees by treating them with equal respect and fair pay.


What Can You Do About It

While there have been tremendous strides towards closing the gender pay gap, there is still a long way to go, and it’s important that people everywhere continue to advocate for it.  There will be several demonstrations throughout the country on Tuesday, April 10th, so look for a local protest to join.  You can also utilize social platforms to advocate for Equal Pay Day—get creative!  Whether you have time to go out and actively protest or not, you have a voice, and simply using it to express your values can go a long way when joined with the collective.  The American Association of University Women has a cool initiative called “Two Minute Activist” where they will send you notices when your advocacy is needed most and provide tools you need to effectively protest—check it out in the link below.

Happy Equal Pay Day—let’s get to 100%!

Hannah Collins