Declutter, Destress


I’m convinced that my desk is the popular target of an unbeknownst, yet very active, productivity-terrorist who sets off bombs of disorder just for amusement.  Maybe I’m slightly self-delusional.  But, if you’re anything like me, your workspace can get a little unkempt.  After losing my keys among the ruins for the hundredth time, I decided to step back and reorganize.  Here’s what I learned.

Increased concentration.  It’s like suddenly having tunnel vision.  The key is to have as little on the surface of your workspace as possible.  Having a lot of things on your desk is distracting.  Limiting what you have around you gives you the ability to focus on the task at hand and completely immerse yourself in your work.

No more hassle.  Organization basically means knowing where your things are.  Designate a place for all your things, and label them accordingly.  You will lower your stress levels and save time by having an efficient system.  Having a cluttered desk is like playing Eye-Spy with yourself, and nobody has time for that.

Boosted productivity.  It’s not hard to deduce this from the first two points.  Getting organized will allow you to center your attention on your work, which is great news if you need to get more done, faster.  It’s even been said that organizing gives you a natural boost of energy. Yes, please.   

If you want to start basking in all these amazing benefits, grab a label maker and start reorganizing so you can declutter and destress.

Hannah Collins