Second Mile Makes Moves

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.21.34 PM.png

Second Mile is making some serious moves. We're thrilled to announce we'll be opening our second location in the historic Old North Knox district of Knoxville, TN. Old North Knox felt like the perfect fit for us- a little edgy, a little creative, and lots of exciting potential just on the horizon. Basically, it feels a little bit like home, and it'll be nice to have some extra room to grow.

Co-founder and Director of Business Development Hannah has been working remotely from the Knoxville area since Second Mile opened for biz back in 2016. "We've grown so much over the past year that opening a second location just made sense. Putting down roots felt like the right move and it allows us to position ourselves to better serve our clients who are all over the Southeast."

We love this area and can't wait to explore it even more! We are always down for great coffee and good eats at Second Mile, so feel free to send us recommendations for your favorite North Knox establishments. We definitely dig the vibes of North Knox and are looking forward to becoming a part of this creative community. Our location will be at 1400 N. 6th Ave. so come swing by and say hello! 


Hannah Collins