Step Up Your Instagram Game

Let’s be real---anything for the insta, right?? We all want that perfectly curated grid or the flat lay where everything just so happened to fall impeccably into place and match color scheme. And how does everyone get their photos to look so well edited?  Thanks to several photograph editing apps, our photos can look bright in all the right places.  Below are some of our favorite photo editing apps and how they can elevate your insta game.


VSCO- this app is great for any photograph you want to edit and is our classic go-to.  There are many different filters depending on what mood and tone you want to set for your photos.  Many of the packages are free and are sorted by presets which are easy to use and edit to your personal style.


A Color Story- this is a great app if you want to enhance colors in your photos.  This app is ideal for landscape photos, photos with many different colors, or if you need to strengthen any of the colors in the picture.


Snapseed- if you want to really brighten your photo or if the picture has a lot of white background, Snapseed is great to use.  Also if you’re new to photo editing, there are easy-to-follow tutorials to show how to exactly get what you want from a photo, some even apply the edits automatically (praise).


Snap. Edit. Repeat.





photo: @jennakutcher

Hannah Collins