Leading Lady in the Office

You’ve got some bright ideas! It’s an exciting age we live in, where women have the chance to be the CEO or a founding member in a company. You know it, that desire to step up, lead, and be who you were created to be. You’ve got the qualities but how do you set yourself apart to show you have the potential to be a leading lady in the office?

Tip #1: Always be thoughtful of others.  A simple thank you to someone who delivered a note to your desk or to your boss can be what sets you apart.  A lot people work hard, but the ones who are remembered are those who are genuine and make people feel important.

Tip #2: Do the things no one else wants to do.  Sometimes, this can be so much harder than it sounds, but showing initiative will show your dedication. Your dedication can land you that interview for your dream job.  And that dream job can turn into your real job.

Tip #3: Manage your time, or someone else will.  You want to be great at what you do!  If you have too much on your plate, something will give, and that something doesn’t need to be your job performance.  Learn what works for you and how much you can handle.  Knowing your limits not only is extremely helpful for you both inside and outside the workplace, but it shows that you’re aware of how to work to your fullest potential without the burnout. 


Fun fact: 83% of working women desire to start their own business.

                55% of women work a side hustle while working a full-time job







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Photo: Madewell