Essentials for a Productive Summer

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We’re almost halfway through June (say whaaat?!) which means the summer season is in full swing.  As much as we want to, we can’t stay on vacation all summer long. Here are some tips to make this summer still feel like summer, but also be your most productive yet.

Switch Up Your Routine: New scenery is always a great way to find new inspiration and to make the work day feel a little less like a work day.  Hanging out a that swanky new coffee shop or working for a few hours at your favorite outdoor spot can do the trick.

Schedule Down Time:  This can include the annual family vacation, a weekend getaway, or just 30 minutes a day you’ve set aside for yourself.  When summer rolls around, it seems as though everything operates at a more relaxed pace.  Don’t forget about taking care of yourself and make sure one of those things slowing down is you!

Slow Down the Morning: Speaking of slowing down, when kids are out of school and the nights are longer, mornings aren’t something that need to be rushed.  Slow mornings are a summertime trademark.  Take some extra time enjoying your morning coffee, begin tackling that summer book list, or take a stroll in the early morning light before you begin taking on your day.

Take Advantage of In Season Foods: Watermelon. Basil. Tomato. Freshly picked berries. Lemons.  Utilizing these in season foods can create family time cooking in the kitchen and helps energize your body, giving you a steady boost throughout the work day. Not only are these foods refreshing, quintessential summertime treats, they also do great things to give your skin that summertime glow we all want! 

Soak in the sweet, sweet summertime season with these tips to make it your most productive and well-rounded yet!


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