Social Media Trends We are Loving

Social media is on the rise right now and is causing a whole new world to open up in a variety of businesses. It is rare to see a business thrive without an active social media presence. Although social media began as a way to stay connected with peers, it is now forming into a science and a form of strategic communication. We are constantly learning new things as social platforms change. We have formed a list of what we think are the most useful and fun social media trends for businesses.

Live Video

Snapchat was a huge hit with users in the past. Facebook and Instagram have both hopped on to the idea of posting live video that is just slightly different than what Snapchat had in mind. Facebook allows users to stream live video of an event or activity they are participating in to publish more authentic content. Instagram created “Instagram stories” which is more similar to Snapchat. What makes this addition unique is the ability for users to follow some of their favorite online brands, bloggers and public figures who they would normally not follow on Snapchat. As a business, posting Instagram stories and Facebook live videos shows a “behind the scenes” view of the business.

Hash Tags

Hash tags have always been something we have fun with. However, their meaning has drastically changed over the years. Hash tagging photos and posts now has the ability to grow your reach to potential customers. Social media users search key words that interest them most and what they want to see on their feed. By tagging each post, businesses have the ability to appear on these searches. People who may seem like unlikely customers may come across a picture they like which will then lead to them hitting the follow button, increasing their chances of becoming a customer.


If you’re a business on social media, you have access to view your analytics! This is a game changer. You have access to your reach, number of impressions, demographics of those who are interacting, what days and times are the best to post based off of followers and so much more. Because this info is personalized, a business is able to make informed decisions on what to post and when as well as how it is impacting followers.

Paid Content

 This is another controversial topic to those who prefer organic social media practices. However, it is great for new businesses or businesses new to social media. Social platforms allow businesses to pay for certain posts to be “boosted,” guaranteeing that it will show up in a wide range of feeds. Paid content is useful because increases reach which will eventually lead to more followers. After utilizing the benefits of paid content, businesses then are able to grow their account organically if they prefer that method. A business must take off before it can grow.