3 Ways To Do Fall Right

photo @lifebeginsco

photo @lifebeginsco

Can you believe it's already October? It's officially time for all things pumpkin flavored and cozy sweaters. We hope you all had an awesome summer, but we're sure you've felt the shift back to a more structured routine. So here are some tips on how to transition from the relaxing pace of summer to fall's more stressful pace. You definitely don't want to start off on the wrong foot and feel like you're falling behind for the rest of the year!

Tip #1: Review your personal and professional goals

It is essential to check in on your yearly goals to make sure you and your team are prioritizing the work that is most important. Asking the questions — Where have you made progress so far? What remains to be done? It’s important, too, to check in with your goals at work to make sure you are still on track with where your team is heading. 

Tip #2: Plan your days more effectively

It can be hard to switch back into a more serious work mode, but this is a perfect time to get really strategic about planning your days by asking the question: What is the most important thing for you to accomplish? Be sure to also think about your energy patterns while you are planning out your week because some people are more productive in the morning and vice versa. 

Tip #3: Look for new opportunities to challenge yourself

While it's tempting to stick to the same old routine, the season change offers a perfect time to look for new challenges and find ways to stand out in the workplace. Challenge yourself to spend more time brainstorming fresh ideas instead of waiting for others to pitch ideas first. Be more visible in meetings! Focus on being extra prepared and be sure to to ask smart questions that keep the conversation on track. We hope these tips help and are excited for you all to achieve your yearly goals!

Hannah Collins