Staying Inspired in Your Business

As a creative or an entrepreneur, your mind is constantly running all over the place. You bust out new ideas every day, trying to keep your business ventures clean and fresh. But wait, one day comes and you are flat out of ideas. Your brain is at its final capacity. You begin to question how this creative career can last a lifetime when you are already struggling for something innovative.

You can change this, though! I promise it is just tough, but short, phase that we all go through. Here are a few ways you can stay inspired in your business.


Um what? Everyone tells us to avoid procrastination because it’s just setting us up for failure. Okay, sometimes, but hear me out on this one. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning out our next move for our business. Scheduling social media posts, blogs and product launches. All of this is great and very responsible. However, it is a lot for our brain to handle all at once. Maybe take a couple of these moments and procrastinate a little. As creatives, a lot of our best thoughts come suddenly and randomly. Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. added in the “I have a dream” part of his speech at the very last minute? Try it out. You never know what you can create at the last minute.

Do some research

Research may not sound like the most inspiring thing to do. However, this could be your solution. Check out what others are doing in your industry. Sometimes it simply takes a strange angle in a photo to spark your imagination and inspire your photos or products. Innovative ideas are created all day every day, and they can’t all come from your brain. Scan your environment and see what is working for others, then put your own spin on the idea to make it unique.

Take a vacation

I know this is the part you wanted to hear. It is so important that you and your brain take a rest from every day stress. Make travel a regular part of your yearly routine. Inspiration is everywhere in strange places. You learn about new cultures and people, and most importantly, you learn new things about yourself. Relaxation gets those creative juices and will remind you of why you are so great at what you do.

Remember step 1

Remember those beginning stages when you had no idea what you were doing? Remind yourself of that from time to time. This is just a simple reminder that growth is always achievable.

Take risks

You hear this from everyone, but it is so true. Try something you have never done before. This includes business and life. Staying inspired means trying and seeing new things that you normally would never experience. Risks are… well, risky which may cause anxiety and uncertainty, but that is where we learn new things about what we do and how we live. Risks get the adrenaline flowing and may cause a whole new world to open up. Whether it is skydiving or trying to sign that overwhelming client, I guarantee it will inspire you to do your best.


Inspiration is everywhere, and at Second Mile Marketing, we do our best to bring out the best in our clients. Fresh ideas are always flowing in and out of our various channels. What can we do to inspire you?