10 Ways to Improve your Creative Workspace

The joys of working independently are endless. Free flowing ideas are welcome at any time of the day no matter if you are at the office or sitting in bed at home. However, there is absolutely nothing worse than having a bland, monotonous and uninspiring workspace. I start to nod off, I hit a writer's block, I can't stop looking at my phone, I begin to think about how hungry I am... you get the idea.  

As creative thinkers, it should be required that our surroundings are filled with simple, thought-provoking inspiration. At any moment, a light bulb will go off and content will be flowing from our minds. It is this moment that we want to happen more often than not. Here's how to improve your workspace so that you can have an even more successful creative career.

1. De-clutter

Clutter leads to stress and distraction. Sometimes if my room is a disaster, I can't stop thinking about it and I seem to get anything done. The moment the space is cleared, I feel an immediate relief and I have this strange sense of productivity. Weird right?

2. Organize

This kind of goes along with de-cluttering, but let's be honest, our version of "de-cluttering" may just be hiding things in drawers and cabinets. At least that's how I do it. Buy the cute baskets and hooks and your future self will greatly appreciate it.

3. Add a pop of color

A simple and clean environment is necessary for focus, but a pop of your favorite color will add a much needed relief. In fact, some colors even provoke certain emotions. Blues and grays tend to have a calming effect while pale oranges and greens have a stimulating effect. There is more science to this, but I don't specialize in that.

4. Scents for some sense

Just like the scientific method for colors, certain scents will affect your emotions and productivity. Candles, incense and essential oil diffusers are the best ways to disperse your favorite scent. Lavender and lemon can be relaxing and cleansing while peppermint and cinnamon can boost energy and even promote brainstorming!

5. Bring in the plants!

This may seem like a minor addition, but adding some green into your workspace will relax your mind more than you think it might. Plants are a reminder of nature and provide fresh air and a bit of beauty to your space.

6. Natural light

Well, you need natural light to keep your plants alive so that's pretty much a necessity. However, the natural light will also benefit you because once again, it is a that there is life outside rather than just your working corner. It provokes life into your thoughts and allows for some relief when you start to get worn out.

7. Coffee!! (Duh)

This should be obvious. Create a corner either on your desk or somewhere nearby with all of your coffee (or other hot drink) needs. Fix a cup not only when you're sleepy, but also when you just need to rest your mind. Doing other tasks allows your brain to relax and participate in other types of thinking. Let's be honest, coffee is indeed the cure-all.

8. Add a snack

Why not add a snack with your coffee or tea? A healthy one, of course. Certain foods actually have characteristics that help you stay focused and produce more brain activity. Think about snacks such as fresh fruits and veggies, nut butters and granola. That's the power of good food people!

9. Good music (if that's your thing)

Some people like music as they work and some people can't stand it. If music is your thing, pick something inspiring. This one is very subjective, so pick whatever you're feeling that day. It is known that instrumentals are usually the best way to go, but have fun with it! As long as you are productive, the choices are endless to set the mood!

10. Inspiration

We all have our favorite cheesy quotes that low key get us motivated to take on the world each time we read it. Frame it, place it in front of you and let it do its magic. It could be a picture of your favorite place, a specific aspiration or a special person. You don't need to be ashamed of your "Be the change you wish to see in the world" poster.

We do our best to stay sane at Second Mile Marketing, and by taking these steps, we have noticed an amazing increase in our day-to-day productivity. If you find yourself still struggling to create after these tips, check out our services. We can help with that!