Second Mile Marketing is an innovative marketing house focused on relationships and driven by results. We're passionate about going above and beyond to create personalized, results-driven solutions for those small business owners/operators who want to take their business to the next level but aren't always sure where to start. 

We're small on purpose! We like to keep things on a first name basis around here- you're not just a client at Second Mile Marketing, you're a partner in the digital marketing process. The Second Mile Marketing team is collection of some of the best and brightest digital marketing freelancers and led by its co-founders Hannah Collins and Jess Vossler. 


Hannah Collins | Director of Business Development & Creative Content

Hannah is committed to helping brands meet their audiences right where they are by engaging current and potential customers digitally. Over the past 5 years she's worked at top-ranked advertising agencies and partnered with some of the best brands on social media to tell their story. Whether it's a video, social media post or an expertly crafted e-mail, Hannah's job is to effectively communicate your message. 


Katy Hill | Digital Marketing & Public Relations Strategist 

Katy is most passionate about creating and maintaining relationships with clients and their customers through strategic communication and effective marketing. Katy is a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee and has worked closely with Second Mile Marketing from the very beginning. Through social media, e-mail or message strategy, she strives to maintain and grow the success of your brand.


Jess Vossler | Director of Operations & Creative Services

Jess is passionate about helping small businesses achieve big results. Jess has spent the last 5 years developing her skills in Digital Marketing with some of the fastest growing companies in the Fortune 1000, including Hard Rock, as well as some of the country's fastest growing startups. Jess applies her passion for strategic digital processes and innovative design to maximize brand success. 

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Chelsea Blackstock I Digital Content Strategist

Chelsea is passionate about small businesses and people. She loves to tell stories and give brands new life in the overly saturated social media game. Chelsea has spent the past 10 years learning everything she knows about social/digital media and strategy from amazing brands such as Chick-fil-A. She is a firm believer that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.